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About Us

What is Spoolster ? Spoolster is coined from an IT terms - Spooling. Meaning - (From Wikipedia, the freeencyclopedia - Spool is an acronym for simultaneous peripheral operations on-line).

Thus, Spoolster is someone who do simultaneous surfing on-line.

We pride ourselves as being the first portal to allow multiple online activities related closely to our daily lifestyle - Lifestyle Media. From Finding, Meeting, Chatting and Organising activities with friends to Travelling, Shopping, Listening to Music or just watch Videos.....we have it all in our portal.

At, it is our philosophy to find a win-win situation for all. Be it Users, Sellers / Merchants, Advertisers or just Bloggers. All activities done in Spoolster is to let web surfers have a rewarding experience in monetary terms or just plain surfing.

Users - will be able to find great deals for their travelling packages, shopping find, updated events and media digital indulgence. Registered Users can also utilize our Auction Section to sell their used / unwanted stuffs and make some money.

Merchants- will be able to post their promotion products and find wide audiences. (Merchant Link)

Advertisers - will be able to find affordable advertising packages that caters to different targeted groups/sections. If Advertisers need to create a webpage to showcase their products, our team of experienced web developer are there to help. (Advertisers Link)

Bloggers- to our Associate Bloggers (after our careful selection) we will help to find premium advertisers thru our network, or from our advertising packages for their blogs. We also have a team of experienced designer to help our associate bloggers for a small token amount if they ever need to re-vamp their blogspot. (Associate Bloggers Link)

Some may say we are out to make money, and we are not afraid to say "Of course we are !!" - but we do not sponge our business associates dry and exploit them. That's not what we are, and not what we will ever do.